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Social Snips is our brand new overlay tool that collects social media leads and lets you add call to actions over any site

Overlay Any Content - You can overlay any content with your own offer
Collect Email Leads - Collect email leads on any content that you share
Use Authority Content - Use content that is already going viral to get more traction
Create Unlimited Campaigns - Unlimited traffic sucking campaigns can be created

How would you like to share authority content even if it doesn't belong to you and drive traffic and leads to any offer you want?
How would you like to get 80% optins compared to using normal optin forms?
How would you like to force people top give you their real email addresses instead of something they just made up to collect your free gift?
How would you like to use content that has already gone viral and add your own call to action or lead generation form on?
THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT CONTENT SHARING: It seems INSANE that nobody is talking about this… But it's a massive elephant in the room. And the more that you ignore this growing problem in your business, the more money you end up leaving on the table for OTHERS to claim at your expense…
Just think about this for a moment…
How many times per week do you share something on Facebook?
Either your Facebook business page, or your personal page...
What about twitter?
If you're like the average user, you share content up to 18 times per week!

How would to stop building other people's businesses and just build your own when you share content?
Think of this every time you share a piece of content even if it doesn't belong to get to control everything that the visitor does.
From where they click.
To collecting their email... and their best email the one they use on the social networks.
In short you get to use other people's authority content and control the traffic.

Look at some of the shares and viral traffic this survival content has. If I overlaid this viral content with my own survival offers think of how easy that would sell.
The content is already viral you know it is working, so when you overlay and share you get to piggyback of the already viral nature of the content.
Getting more people to your offers and collecting more emails than ever before.

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