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Download Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced Udemy Course


Did you know that 750 million people have Excel installed on their computer but most do not know how to use it!

Excel can be the most awkward of all Microsoft programmes if not the most awkward programme OF ALL TIME! I remember teaching my boss a few simple tricks on Excel that could have easily saved him thousands of hours and untold amounts of effort!

Whatever version of Excel you have, with 'Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Advanced, Full Tutorial' I want to show you how to build and prepare a Workbook good enough for a fortune 500 CEO to a household budget and everything in between.

My course is designed to help you get up to speed as fast as possible, you can expect to be at a capable level within the first hour of lectures, then you will have the opportunity to explore more great features, functions and tools as you progress further through the course.

What can you expect after enrolling? You can expect new tutorials to be added every few days that will help you to keep expanding your Excel skills. How will you know that new material has been added? I make educational announcements to all of my enrolled students when I have added new material.

Included within the course are downloadable Excel workbooks which you can download and use to follow along, which means you won't have to go through the "Pleasantries" of inputting figures throughout the course but rather you can get straight into the training. Once you have started the course, you will find the lessons are structured in such a way that you will get the most out of this course and leave with enough knowledge and confidence to get around the most common problems faced by even the most experienced of Excel users.

Whatever your path, 'Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Advanced, Full Tutorial' can help you along the way. Enrol today!

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