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Reach targeted leads on Linkedin

With Linkedin Automation tool you can easily search your potential customers on Linkedin and with one button click you can automate linkedin connection request sending process. Send connection request to 100’s of connections with just one button click. Any content posted on Linkedin regarding your product or services will get more views especially by your target B2B leads / potential customers.

Overcome the Linkedin In-mail Limitations

Linkedomata helps you to overcome the In-mail limitation by allowing you to automate linkedin process of sending a message along with a connection request. The linkedin message can be personalized in-depth by including the first name , company , location , job title of connection to whom you are sending message. This helps you to achieve a linkedin connection request acceptance rate of over 50% which is much better than any other B2B leads platform.

Segment your B2B leads with Automatic Tagging feature

Linkedomata automates Linkedin Tagging process which helps users to select a list of 1st degree connections and put them under a segment. Use Linkedomata’s Automate Linkedin Message feature to send messages based on B2B leads under a set of Tags ( Market Segment ).Linkedomata’s smart messaging feature will easily identify 1st Degree connections under a tag or list of tags and send them personalized messages.

Automate Messaging to 1st Degree connections

Over the years we have observed that Linkedin Messaging to 1st Degree connection has a response rate of 30%-40% . Linkedomata Automates linkedin messaging to first degree connections in just one button click and saves so many hours of you which you might invest in doing this cumbersome process. Linkedomata’s smart messaging feature allows you to also include the first name , location , job title and company name of connection you are sending message to . This sort of deep personalisation has further improved the response rate for many of our clients.

Unlimited Messaging to 1st Degree connection with Free Linkedin Account

With Linkedomata you can send unlimited messages to your first degree connections on Linkedin even if you don’t have a premium linkedin account like Business Plus , Recruiter Lite or Sales Navigator.Just mention in the filter which people you wish to send messages to based on the tags. Linkedomata will scan your entire list of First Degree list from the connections page and send messages accordingly. So if you have a healthy list of first degree connections already and wish to send just messages then this option will be a perfect fit for you.

Complete Information of Linkedin 1st , 2nd , 3rd Degree connections

Do you wish to get email ids of a your linkedin connections based on a tag or connections filtered out from the advance search panel . Linkedin allows you to export your entire connection list but segmenting that list is very difficult. With Linkedomata- Get Linkedin Connection Details feature you can easily get emails of your first degree linkedin connections filtered by Tag or Advance Search Panel. This list can then be used in running mail campaigns. As a best practice , in your mails if you mention that you are connected on linkedin then it gives more credibility to your mail.

Gain better Visibility with Automated Linkedin Profile Visitor

This strategy is found to be very useful and proven for Recruiters on Linkedin. This three step strategy makes relevant people send you connection requests instead of the other way round. It will help Linkedomata users build a strong network of Linkedin connections by receiving connection requests on Linkedin. Our Linkedin Automation tool visits selected list of profiles on their pages so that you show up on their list of Recent Profile Visitors. More that 40% percent of Linkedin users check their recent visitors and first thing that they see is your designation .So if you are relevant to the people who you have visited then they are likely to send you connection requests. The list of profiles you wish to visit can be selected from the Advance Search panel on Linkedin or Uploaded directly from an excel.

Automate Linkedin Network building by importing Linkedin Lists

Many times you need to re-build your Linkedin Network because your older Linkedin account might have been blocked for some reason. With Linkedomata , you can keep a back-up of all your Linkedin connections in an excel and whenever you create a new account you can send all those connections friend request again even if they are not in your phone book contact list or in your mail id.You can even share your list of connections with your friends. This strategy works really well with Business Developers or Sales people using Linkedin for B2B sales.

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