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Download Kallzu Facebook Ads

A couple of videos also showing how the set up the AdWords ads for their click to call campaigns, these are their new method not old and only available to their VIP members.

Facebook Ad Account Setup
1 Facebook Ads Accounts Initial Setup
2 Creating a Facebook Ad Account
3 Adding Facebook Payment Method
4 Your Primary Business Page

Facebook Pixels Setup
1 Facebook Pixel Introduction
2 How Pixel Work
3 Creating Your First Pixel
4 Installing Pixel In Click Funnels
5 Installing Pixel Helper Extension
6 Assigning Pixel To An Ad Account
7 Install Pixel Events

Pixel Sniper Method
1 Introduction
2 Access Pixaly
3 Find good quality content to post in the group
4 Adding facebook pixel to
5 Making Your Overlay
6 Making Your First Link
7 Creating An Audience In Facebook

Facebook Ads Strategy and Important Guidelines
1 Facebook Ads Strategy
2 Creating Ad Images the easy way
3 Writing Ad Copy
4 Facebook Ad Compliance

Facebook Ads - Targeting
1 Overview
2 Targeting Part
3 Targeting Part
4 Legally STEAL Competitors Targeting
5 Interest Stacking
6 Interest Stacking Example

Creating Your First Re-Targeting Ad
1 Introduction to Re targeting
2 Creating A Re targeting Audience
3 Anatomy of a Facebook ad
4 Why test Multiple Ads
5 Launching your First 3 Ads

Facebook Ads - Launching
1 Introduction Requirements
2 Launching Ads Part1
3 Launching Ads Part 2
4 Optimizing Ads Part 1
5 Optimizing Ads Part 2


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