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Want to earn a fast $500 for spending 20 minutes on Facebook?

Then you need to read the case studies on this page because I'm about to reveal a brand new Facebook service that realtors are lining up to pay consultants $500/month to provide.

This service requires:

NO complicated software
NO hard selling
NO coding or technical knowledge
NO previous experience
NO meeting business owners in person
You see, Facebook is trying to become the one-stop platform for everything online. Recently, they've started taking on real estate listing sites like Zillow, Street Easy, and Trulia by releasing their own real estate listing page.

Real estate agents and private home sellers can now list their properties for sale on Facebook's marketplace and have Facebook promote it to people who are looking to buy a home in the area.

This new service has been all over the news lately:

Facebook's real estate listing service taps into their billion person network, showing home listings to more potential buyers than every other real estate listing site combined.

Combined with targeted Facebook ads, this is fast becoming the most effective way to sell or rent a home.

How to earn $500/month managing this service for local realtors
Most real estate agents are not taking advantage of Facebook's marketplace and the ones that are have not optimized their listings to get the most out of them.

Formatting a listing the right way leapfrogs it to the top of the marketplace, reaching more home buyers and selling houses faster.

$500/month is a no-brainer for realtors... Having their listings at the top of results generates dozens of leads each week.

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