Download CPV Lab v4.01 Pro | All Modules Working! | Best Tracker -
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Download CPV Lab v4.01 Pro | All Modules Working! | Best Tracker

The new and improved version of the popular self-hosted tracking tool CPV Lab
MORE TIME - gain time in searching for Stats with this all-in-one Central Platform.
SECURE - Maintain control and keep your data private on your own server.
CPV LAB PRO - can easily handle everything from the simplicity of Direct Linking
to advanced Campaign Funnels and Lead Paths.

Support for Parallel Tracking from Google Ads
CPV Lab Pro can track Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns using the new Parallel Tracking model.
Visitors are sent directly from Google to the Landing Page, without an interim redirect page.

PHP 7.x support in addition to PHP 5.x support
CPV Lab Pro now takes advantage of the latest PHP 7.x versions and the improvements that they bring.
This will offer increased redirect speeds and faster database access.

Update Exact CPC/CPV Per Keyword/Target or Ad
Capture the exact CPC/CPV passed by the Traffic Sources.
Update CPC/CPV in bulk using the report files provided by Traffic Sources.

Detailed “Lab Stats” & Reports
In-Depth data for all campaigns including Ads, Keywords, Pages and Offers along with Detailed Revenue Data to quickly Optimize Profits and ROI.
With 20+ Click, Conversion & Revenue Metrics.

Unlimited Ads & Creatives
Setup an unlimited number of Ads and then view Stats for Individual Ads for any combination of Keyword, Page, Offer and more.

Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation
Add New or Edit Pages and Offers in rotation with No Coding, everything is done in the campaign setup page. Use a simple interface to Quickly Adjust Rotation attributes on the Fly, in Real-Time.

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