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Create Account Site Speed Profits – Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis

Why Would Local Businesses
Care About Their Slow Loading Website?
Simple. According to Google's statistics, 40% of Mobile Searches have LOCAL INTENT!...

and that means Local businesses cannot afford to ignore such a big chunk of their market.
When potential customers are on their phones, they're impatient to see the site appear.

They may be in their car, or traveling from out of town. Their frustration with slow loading sites usually causes them to jump to another site's link... and hey, can you blame them?
But it's one more customer and one more sale lost.

It gets worse...the Stats are sobering;

**Average time for a website to load on a mobile device is 15 seconds.

**As loading time for pages goes up just 1 to 3 seconds, the bounce rate jumps 32%!

**As it goes up to 10 seconds the bounce rate goes up 123%!! Thats massive and starts to kill customer count AND can affect search ranking.

Sites must be properly optimized to improve these loading times... which means local business sites need professional help.

Consultants can profit like never before because there is no "Simple Quick Trick" To Fool Google! You have to know what you're doing.

So, Nick and I knew we were onto something big, something that would make a huge difference to local site owners AND to Local Consultants, but still...
We Needed To Find 3 Solutions
Solution #1
Design the best way to find websites that loaded slowly. We needed to some up with a fast, reliable way to do this so a consultant could build a large prospecting database, fast.
Solution #2
Then we needed to engineer a new software application that would automatically (using our search requirements) search and compile all the slow websites at the push of a button.
Solution #3
Finally, we needed to locate and test the most reliable, most efficient and affordable service to perform the 'speed improvements' to the sites who hire our consultants.
Not an easy task for sure, so we turned to our long-time friend and Software Marketing Expert..

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